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LASERNET Input & Output Management

Lasernet is a suite of input and output document management solutions. Each element tightly integrates with your existing IT applications to support the migration from labor and paper intensive systems to cost effective, faster e-enabled document processing.
Lasernet captures output and transforms it into attractive documents, reports and labels,intelligently routing them for distributed print or electronic delivery to customers or business partners, by File, HTTP,FTP, Web Services, E-mail, or Fax in various formats including PDF, TIF, XML, E2B, EHF, Finvoice, UBL-XML, Svefaktura,EDIFACT and CSV.


This is achieved without complex and expensive programming via an entirely ‘drag and drop’ configurable interface,enabling the user to extend the functionality of core applications without major investment or upheaval.



Output Management is the practice that deals with designing, formatting and distributing business documents created by business applications like ERP systems.

FormPipe LaserNet Output Management offers the ability to easily meet the varying customer demands regarding business documents. The solution enables you to deliver, distribute and archive business documents in any format (e-mail, fax, PDF, PDF/A, EDI, XML) and desired layout, as required by each individual customer, in an intelligent and structured manner.



  • Save money directly on the bottom line
    send your business documents automatically and electronically and save on postage, paper, toner, print and staff time*
  • Adapt to your customers' needs and requirements
    and deliver documents in precisely the format and layout your customers require
  • Automatically distribute high volumes of documents
    deliveries across multiple channels including email, fax,XML and the web, in addition to network printers

While FormPipe LaserNet solution tightly integrates with any existing IT Platform to support the migration from labor and paper-intensive systems to cost effective, faster e-enabled document processing, ERP specific solutions – connectors
for some of the most commonly used enterprise business applications are available as SAP NetWeaver 4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics AX,NAV and 365



Input Management is the capturing, structuring and archiving of all sorts of documents, both paper based and electronic; contracts, invoices, customer letters, offers etc.

FormPipe LaserNet Input Management is a document handling solution that enables you to receive business documents from external environments in various formats such as paper documents, faxes and electronic formats, and automate the conversion of all your business documents into action-enabled and process-ready information, importing it into your ERP system, document archives and workflows.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Lasernet has revolutionized the document management processes of over 2500 organizations worldwide. Let us show you how to streamline your processes while reducing costs and better serving your customers’ requirements. As Lasernet is truly scalable, we’ve been working with everyone from the new kids on the block right the way through to global leaders.
The core of Lasernet is the ability to take spool, XML or any other data format from your ERP solution and easily format, process and deliver it. Our powerful tools allow you to create and distribute brand rich documents in any format, such as DOCX, PDF, XLSX, XHTML, XML, JSON, EDI, and CSV.

Whether you’re using the latest version of an enterprise ERP solution or still staring at a green screen, we’ve got your back. For 30 years’ Lasernet has been formatting, printing, delivering and archiving data from ERP solutions around the globe, making the world of document management just that bit of a better place.