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Fax★Star Exchange Mail Gateway

An MS Exchange - Fax★Star interface

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Fax★Star Exchange provides an interface between MS Exchange and Fax★Star.

Fax★Star Exchange Mail Gateway allows you to fax any message you can e-mail. That includes MS Office documents and many other application documents. You can fax as easily as you send any e-mail.

Fax★Star Exchange Mail Gateway also allows you to view your sent and failed faxes in MS Exchange. You can even receive fax confirmations (sent, failed, received) via e-mail to your MS Exchange account. In addition, incoming faxes can be routed using CSID, DID, DTMF, or LINE routing to your MS Exchange e-mail account.

All faxes simply appear as attachments in your MS Exchange e-mail account.

  • No software needed on the client

  • Removes fax loads from your Exchange server

  • No fax processing on your Exchange clients

  • Send to Exchange address book recipients

  • Native translator for MS Office, SmartSuite, etc.

  • View, print, and forward faxes from MS Exchange

  • Fax any message you can e-mail