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Fax Automation for the World

The level of Security required to deliver data has grown exponentially over the last decade. With newly regulated requirements and compliancy acts, industries across the board are now forced to evaluate electronic document delivery initiatives. Fax★Star®’s fax is designed to meet the new demands for business in the 21 st Century. Secure transmissions and receipt of delivery are mandatory for business critical applications. In complying with new mandatory business practices, Fax★Star® has developed automated inbound routing options with more flexibility to meet the needs of customers across every industry.

When SEPE, Inc., designed and patented their first fax server solution, Fax★Star®, no one ever envisioned the far-reaching aspects of what had been created. After 25+ years and thousands of installations, Fax★Star® is a proven solution worldwide and has integration with some well known names, such as Peoplesoft, MEDHOST, SAP, Microsoft Exchange , IBM iSerie ...

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