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Fax★Star Advanced Server

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Fax★Star Advanced Server Features

With the Fax★Star Advanced Server you install an efficient Communications Server. Installed on a dedicated Windows workstation, Fax★Star Advanced Server offers all the features you always wanted to have in a modern server:

  • Send and receive faxes
  • Send Mail in PDF, Tiff, and Text formats
  • Traffic management sent to your email client
  • Interface with the main mail software in the market:
    • Lotus Notes
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • SMTP mail Servers
  • Fax and email from host using standard print file formats (ASCII, Epson, SCS, Text)
  • Enhanced printer data stream licenses available (PCL, PostScript, IPDS)
  • Send and receive faxes from any PC on the Network
  • Optimize the line usage by time or day
  • Prints fax copy on any printer on the network
  • Routes incoming faxes directly to the user

Why the Fax★Star Advanced Server ?

The Fax★Star Advantage

  • Advanced technology proven for over 20 years
  • Rapid return on investment
  • World wide presence
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Service agreements
  • Easy to integrate product for any environment
  • Increase employee output and reduce labor cost
  • Eliminate fax machines and phone lines
  • 96% less expensive than sending via U.S. mail
  • 98% faster than faxing manually
  • Produced in the U.S.A.

Technical Information

  • Works with any host
  • Independent solution. No software required on host


  • Complete solution
  • Install as quickly as any printer
  • Fax and mail from any host
  • Centralize all PC and workstation faxing
  • Receive & route inbound faxes in PDF
  • Route to users, groups, printers, servers, etc.
  • Fax any Windows document
  • Lotus Notes and MS/Exchange interface
  • SMTP interface
  • Broadcast faxes

FaxStar Products

  • Fax★Star Advanced Server
  • Fax★Star Exchange Mail Gateway
  • Fax★Star Notes Mail Gateway
  • Fax★Star SMTP Mail Gateway
  • Fax★Star AS/400 Solution

From the control panel, the administrator can monitor the main Fax★Star Advanced Server components. This feature can be started from any PC on the network. The different windows display:

  • The Fax traffic
  • The Mail traffic
  • The Main monitor displays any action performed by the server
  • The Printer File monitor displays every print file sent to a printer on the network
  • The incoming faxes monitor
Users can select the level of data for every monitor they wish to see in the corresponding window.

Inbound routing can be performed by capturing the CSID number, DTMF sequence, DID number, or by fax line. Once Fax★Star has a routing parameter to work with additional information can be gathered from a table on any platform, including Active Directory. The incoming fax setup allows defining at the user level:

  • To keep a copy of incoming faxes in the server in a specific format
  • To mail a copy of incoming faxes in a specific format to a particular e-mail address
  • To send to another server via FTP a copy of incoming faxes in a specific format
  • To print incoming faxes on any printer on the network with a specific acknowledgment stamp
  • To forward incoming faxes to another fax number


Users can print a report of the traffic. This report can also be created in a CSV file (to be imported to an Excel spreadsheet). Users may select fields they wish to include in this file.

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